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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuck Ease

Back in 2010, Chris Naffziger’s excellent blog, St. Louis Patina, featured a post about an abandoned Stuckeys restaurant / candy store in central Illinois. That post received an interesting chain of Flickr photo-responses as well.

I just stumbled across Chris’s post, and was glad to see it, as I have always found these strange places the architectural equivalents of the 1970s zombie – and good photos of their remnants are hard to find.

The new Afterdays book release, Zombie 1979: Life at the Dawn of the Dead  features a similar dead Stuckeys (also from central Illinois) that was photographed in 1983. That weird corpse (which lost is trademark chlorine-blue paint to a coat of red years ago) is still standing, but not for long.

Empty, 1983
Still empty, 2011

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