Afterdays Media focuses on archaeological views of our contemporary culture. Artifacts, art, or cultural phenomena that picture us in the past tense.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A 23-Year Fade

Eight Cent Shoe Repair, in downtown Peoria, Illinois - yesterday and today. A folky commercial relic in 1989, and a fading pop culture fossil in 2012.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Dead Drive-in and Resurrected Intermission Sounds

One more dead drive-in before the summer closes. This is the Airway Drive-In, in St. Ann, Missouri (now an old suburb of St. Louis). I shot these as they were taking the thing down in 1990. However, the developer left the lovely marquee standing. It was repurposed for the shopping center that was built on the site of the theater. A nice bit of retail postmodernism…

On the subject of drive-in decay, the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project is working on a new set of recordings that reconfigure badly damaged segments of audio from drive-in theater intermission films. Decomposed jingles, big splices, and artificially mutated refreshment slogans. You can have a listen HERE

More songs about the artificially-enhanced past tense……