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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dead Drive-In Artifacts

The objects found in dead drive-in theaters represent their own class of artifacts. Fragments of marketing pitches for fake food, mixed together with the debris of selling second-run cinematic fiction. All stirred together in a post-apocalyptic, pop-culture, mildewed stew. We started collecting such material during the early 1980s. One of the more surprising relics - a cassette recording of the audio from Zombi 2 (evidently made by someone in the projection booth), was used in some of the earliest Fossil Aerosol Mining Project recordings.

A cache of concession stand packaging.

A display counter acetate of a zombie hot dog.

A box for selling Sprite.

A pleasantly decayed copy of ad mat for “Foolin Around” and “Hot Stuff”.
Poorly pasted-together mock-ups of ads, with notations and bird-dropping patina. Lovely.

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